Services Available at Simon Family Dentistry

Inspection of the teeth and surrounding soft tissues of the mouth

Placement of silver brackets to correct dental irregularities

An unerupted or partially erupted tooth whose complete eruption is unlikely

Digital scans to detect cavities and for examining the supporting jawbone

An alternative to traditional metal braces

Improves the appearance of teeth

Removal of plaque and tartar from teeth, generally above the gum line

An artificial device, usually made of metal alloy or ceramic material that is implanted in the jawbone as a means to attach an artificial crown, denture, or bridge

Last of the three permanent molar teeth. There are four total one on each side upper and lower left and right side. Some people are born without third molars

Periodontal treatment

Process of treating disease or inflammation of the pulp or root canal. This involves removing the pulp and the root’s nerve(s) and filling the canal(s) with an appropriate material to permanently seal it.

Helps to reduce grinding of the teeth

The specialized branch of dentistry that deals with treating children’s dental disease. Also called pedodontics

A porcelain or gold cover for a decayed, damaged or discolored tooth

This can also be a called a composite filling that looks like a natural tooth

The most common filling material used for fillings also referred to as a silver filling

This is a prosthetic (false) teeth or row of teeth that spans between two natural teeth

A type of emergency involving teeth or givngiva

Removal of tooth

a removable appliance used to replace one or more lost teeth

Repair by either a crown or filling of the tooth.

A removable dental appliance, usually used in orthodontics that maintains the space between teeth or holds teeth in a fixed position

An artificial filling material, usually plastic composite, or porcelain, that is used to provide an aesthetic covering over the visible surface of a tooth. Most often used on front teeth.

Also known as laughing gas is a controlled mixture of nitrogen and oxygen gases (N2O) that is inhaled by the patient in order to decrease sensitivity to pain and/or anxiety.

To replace an existing crown

Gel used to make teeth whiter

Treatment of a dental pulp or nerve of a tooth. Also known as a root canal.

Treatment performed to enhance appearance (e.g. bleaching, veneers)

Also known as braces used to straighten and correct a patient’s teeth.